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"Mould your Alter Ego" 



14 JULY 1982


Martial Arts Practitioner specialising in Grappling. With the knowledge of different combative arts and his experiences in the competitive arena, he has dedicated himself to guide and coach aspiring practitioners and athletes in the different art forms.


His journey of martial arts began with Judo back in 1995 under head coach Ho See Song. He competed and won multiple times in regional competitions and is currently holding 2nd Dan International Judo Federation Black Belt.

He then trained in International styled Jujitsu with the Jujitsu Association of Singapore, an affiliate of International Ju-jitsu Federation. The system involved techniques from Karate, Aikido and Judo. There are 4 sections to the art of Ju-jitsu; Ne-waza, Duo System, Fighting System and Self defense. He is currently 3rd Dan Black belt.


Sul is recognised as one of the pioneers to introduce and teach Brazilian Jiujitsu in Singapore. In 2003, he began his training in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Professor Helio Soneca. He was awarded blue belt in BJJ. He was later certified by Professor Helio Soneca as a BJJ instructor. He competed in BJJ tournaments won several medals. He was then awarded his purple belt under Professor Cristiano Jose Carvalho from Liga Jiujitsu in 2008 and later in 2013 was awarded Brown belt by Professor Chance Wanlass from Unaffiliated Worldwide BJJ. He finally received the rank of Black Belt in 2017 by Professor Alexsandro Machado from Team Checkmat.


In the midst of training BJJ and Judo, Sul expanded his grappling knowledge and trained the art of Russian Sambo. He was also keen in doing Mixed Martial Arts and decided to compete in both Sports Sambo and Combat Sambo (MMA styled).  He has competed in the regional and international championships where he clinched Gold in Thailand in Combat Sambo Open division and gotten Silver in the Asian Championship in Uzbekistan. Combat Sambo involves Grappling and Striking using punches, kicks, knees, elbows and headbutts.


In 2008, sports wrestling was introduced in Singapore. Sul was one of the pioneer wrestlers to train under Korean Coach Chung Tun Kun and, World and Olympic Champion from Russia, Coach Sergei Beloglasov. Sul was champion twice in the National trials and represented Singapore in 2008 South East Asian Games where he brought back Singapore first medal in the sport of wrestling.

Personal Training rate is $150 per hr session

National Coach For Team Singapore Combat Sambo SEA Games 2019

Certified National Standard Youth Sport Coach

Ministry Of Education Registered Trainer

People's Association Certified Trainer

National Registry Of Coaches By Sports Singapore

Certified First Aider & AED


  • 2nd Dan International Judo Federation Black Belt

  • 3 x National Judo Champion

  • 3 x National Age Group Champion

  • National School Judo Champion

  • National Pesta Sukan Judo Champion

  • I.V.P. Judo Champion

  • Certified NCAP Theory and Practical for Judo

  • Registered Coach for Judo under NROC


  • 3 x National Silat Olahraga Champion

  • Perguruan Pencak Silat Titi Pinang Instructor Level 


  • BJJ Black Belt under Alexsandro Machado (Checkmat BJJ)

  • South East Asia Grappling Bronze Medalist

  • BJJ International Open Champion (Blue)

  • Pan Asian BJJ International Silver Medalist (Purple)

  • Certified BJJ Instructor under Helio Soneca BJJ Academy​


  • South East Asia Combat Sambo Champion

  • Singapore International Sports Sambo Champion

  • Asian Sports Sambo Bronze Medalist

  • Asian Combat Sambo Silver Medalist

  • World Sports Accord Combat Sambo Representative

  • Asian Sambo Federation certified Sports and Combat Sambo Instructor


  • 2009 Break Through Athlete

  • 2 x National Trials Wrestling Champion

  • Captain for SEA Games Wrestling Team

  • SEA Games Silver Medalist

  • Certified NCAP Theory and Practical for Wrestling

  • Registered Coach for Wrestling under NROC


  • 3rd Dan Black Belt under JJAS


"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world" 




Shimin has been teaching yoga since 2012, and her foundation is based upon Ashtanga Yoga and mindfulness practice. Yoga is traditionally taught in a small group setting, so that the teacher may guide each student with his/her own abilities and potential. As a holistic practice, yoga includes physical postures (asanas), breathing practice (pranayama), mindfulness (pratyahara), and utmost concentration (dharana). It is non-religious, and the values and philosophy of the yoga practice helps us to be more aware of ourselves both physically and mentally. On the mat - we reap the physical benefits of being stronger and more supple; and, off the mat - we find ourselves more grounded and mentally ready to handle the ups and downs in life as well. 


Each class starts with a mindful breathing practice, before we move into the dynamic flow of Sun Salutations. This flow seeks to invigorate the body with steady breathing, and finding flexibility and strength as we move from pose to pose. Our body systems become stimulated and well-regulated, and this helps for natural detox and improved immunity through the yoga practice. There would be a theme for each class, such as Spinal stretching and mobility, Hips opening and strengthening, Core practice, and the last segment would involve restorative stretching to counter balance the more vigorious poses, before we end with a short relaxation.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

300 Hours Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course

85 Hours Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

95 Hours Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course

First Aider and AED

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