This beginner's course are open to both Men and Women.

Classes conducted are in a conducive and friendly environment aim to improve and rejuvenate your overall well being. Our sessions are design to help you increase your cardio vascular fitness, muscle toning, agility, endurance and strength.

Techniques taught are also to increase your confidence level and useful in times of confrontational management or self defense.

You will learn techniques and movement from various martial art styles like Boxing, Muay Thai & Jiujitsu. 

Sessions are conducted on matted flooring. No shoes required.

Standard class structure:

-Warm up and combative conditioning

- Learning of techniques and movements

- Drilling

- Stretches and cool down

Standard class techniques:

- Basic stances and guards

- Basic punches, kicks, elbows & knees

- Gymnastics agility movements

- Learn to fall properly

- Understanding distances

- Close combat tactics


Comfortable sports top and bottom



1 hr session