Yoga with Farid Farid started practicing yoga to supplement his jiu-jitsu training on 2018. He wanted to fix his body after experiencing many joint injuries from the sport and prevent future injuries.... He was inspired by Rickson Gracie and his breathing technique and movement exercises .


Ever since he was a kid he has always wanted to do hand stands and splits. Well he still is and will always be one at heart, so are his dreams - childlike and idealistic in his head he wishes to gain superhuman like abilities like the ”Iceman”, Mr.Wim Hoff who can control his autonervous system and to be an ultimate fighter, but in reality he knows that he has to harmonize his mind, body and spirit first.


Until he has mastery over these elements, he will continue devoting his time for practice (and sharing his passion with others.)

Vinyasa 200hours YTCC